5 Tips for the Best Music Festival Experience

Music festivals are a great way to spend your summer and there are plenty of music festivals across the country that you can go to. (1) Most music festivals last a couple of days, so you’ll have to find some accommodations while you are there. Luckily, popular festivals usually have affordable campgrounds, or if you want to save money, you can always sleep in your car.

There’s a lot to consider when visiting a music festival. The first thing is the difficult task of choosing which festival to attend. Next, you’ll need to do things like buying tickets, organizing transportation, booking accommodation, packing, etc. This long list can quickly overwhelm you and turn your experience into a nightmare.

Seasoned festival-goers will usually know how to prepare for a festival and have fun while they’re there, but if you are new to the festival scene, here are our five tips on how to have a carefree time while attending a music festival.

Make Sure You Prepare

If you want to have a great time at the music festival of your choice, we recommend that you start preparing months in advance. (2) Make sure that you can get time off from work to attend the festival. Ask your friends if they want to accompany you. Arrange transportation and book your flight in advance. It’s also very important to have maps of the festival venue. This way you can easily navigate the premises and won’t get lost. Calculate your possible expenses and always bring extra cash with you. Although all this preparation can seem daunting, if you do it on time, you’ll eliminate the risk of negative experiences at music festivals.

Don’t Be Judgmental

Music festivals are designed for people to have a good time. Remember that different people have fun in different ways. You shouldn’t spend your time policing around the festival grounds and telling people how to enjoy themselves. However, if you spot some illegal or harmful activity, you can alert the festival security staff and let them take care of it.

Don’t Go Alone

It’s best to visit a music festival with a group of friends. The festival can be an excellent bonding experience that strengthens your friendship. You can also save money by traveling in a group. Splitting the cost of gas, hotel rooms, and food can drastically decrease the price of your music festival experience. Once you’re at the festival don’t stray from your group of friends. Although it’s easy to get lost in large crowds having a friend with you will provide an added sense of security.

Experience New Things

This is your chance to listen to artists you have never heard of, so take advantage of it. Take advantage of what music festivals have to offer and listen to as many bands and artists as you can. Some artists that you have never heard of can end up becoming your new favorite band. Festivals are also an excellent place to try new foods and drinks. While you are there, try to step out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Don’t worry about what other people will think of you, put yourself first and have an amazing adventure. However, you should still remember to act responsibly and not endanger others with your behavior.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Let’s face it, festivals are pricey. The tickets alone can cost you hundreds of dollars. (3) If you are traveling to another part of the country for a festival, you’ll also need to spend money on plane tickets or gas. If possible, we recommend carpooling to the festival of your choice to save money. Look into renting a car for your trip.

You can also save money by staying in a festival camp during the event. In this case, remember to pack a tent, sleeping bag, and other camping essentials. (4) If you don’t want to stay in a camp, search for a room on Airbnb. Keep in mind that accommodation prices will be higher during the festival season, so it’s best to book your room in advance.

Once you are at the festival. remember to track your spending. Food and drinks are very important, but you likely won’t have a good time if you get blackout drunk. Scout food vendors at the festival and compare their prices.

Finally, try to avoid purchasing knick knacks on festival grounds. Spending a couple of dollars on glow sticks or a funny hat may seem like a good choice, but these small expenses can quickly add up and put a serious dent in your wallet.


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