10 Tips for Having a Great Time at the Movies

Going to the movies is a popular pastime for many Americans. (1) Whether you’re going to see the latest blockbuster, or want to have a romantic date, movies are a great option. However, there are a few things you should avoid doing when you go to the movies.

We’ve asked movie theater employees what grinds their gears when it comes to customers, and here’s what they told us.

Check the Theater Information Online

Before you go to the movie theater, check their website. Find out the exact name of the movie you want to see as well as the time of the screening. Third-party websites that sell movie tickets can often have incorrect information in their descriptions, so it is always best to visit the official website of the theater you plan on going to.

Come to the Theater on Time

Once you know which movie you want to see and what time it starts, come to the theater at least 15 minutes before show-time. This way you won’t run into a big crowd and you can purchase your tickets and snacks comfortably. If you haven’t decided, which movie you want to watch, don’t bother the staff by asking them to explain the plot of every movie that is showing in the theater.

Don’t Rant About the Price

Movie theaters are expensive. (2) If you take into account that movie studios take over 75 percent of the money from ticket sales, theaters have to find some way to make a profit. The main source of revenue for theaters comes from the sale of snacks and drinks. Complaining about the prices of tickets and popcorn will do nothing to change them.

Don’t Sneak Into R-Rated Movies

If you are underage, don’t try to fool the theater staff and sneak into an R-rated movie. Theater staff keeps a close watch on everyone that comes through their doors, so you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead of trying to sneak into the movie, save yourself the embarrassment and just watch something age-appropriate.

Don’t Be Rude to Theater Staff

It’s no secret that movie theater employees have low wages. (3) Despite their low salary and difficult job, they still try their best to satisfy customers. However, everyone makes mistakes once in a while. The clerk at the concession stand can get your order wrong, but you don’t have to be rude to them. Try to be kind to the staff at your local theater.

Prepare Your Money

Prepare enough money for your movie ticket or food order and have it ready when you get to the counter. This saves a lot of time for the staff. If you start opening your wallet and counting coins, you’ll likely hold up the line.

Don’t Talk During the Movie

This seems like an obvious tip, but people often don’t respect the rules of a movie theater. Talking during the movie can easily get you kicked out of the theater. Also, remember to put your phone on silent and if you do have to answer an urgent call, do it in the theater lobby.

Notify the Staff About Any Problems

Theater staff will gladly help if there are any problems with the movie. If there are any problems with the movie projection, or if someone is disrupting the movie by talking, let the staff know. Designated staff members regularly check for any disturbances, but they can’t be aware of every single problem.

Don’t Litter

It’s common courtesy to pick up your trash after the movie is over. Although theater staff is paid to clean up after every screening, you’ll help them out a lot by picking up your soda cups and popcorn bags and throwing them in the trash. There are plenty of trash cans in movie theaters where you can easily dispose of any garbage you have. Working in a theater is hard enough without having to clean up the mess you leave behind.

Control Your Kids

Going to see a movie can be an excellent family activity. However, you should think carefully before bringing your kids to a movie theater. Movies last at least an hour, which means your children will have to sit still and be quiet during the movie. (4) If your children start shouting, crying or walking around during the move you’ll ruin the whole experience for everyone in the theater. It’s even more embarrassing if you get approached by theater staff asking you to take your kids outside. So, save yourself the trouble and hire a babysitter when you want to see a movie.


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