The Last of Us 2 – Everything You Need to Know

With the release date only a few months out, we’re getting more and more excited about finally playing The Last of Us Part II. While the first part had a fairly conclusive ending, that didn’t stop developers Naughty Dog [1] to begin working on a sequel, which is no surprise. After all, the initial game was universally praised by critics and players as a gaming masterpiece that features exceptional storytelling and characters.

The Last of Us 2: Brief Overview

What Kind of Game Is It? It’s the sequel to one of the best post-apocalyptic games.

Which Console Can I Play It On? PS4, PS5, with rumors of a PC version.

When Will It Be Released? May 29, 2020.

The Last of US 2: Trailers

The first trailer (1) for this game came out back in 2016 at the PlayStation Experience, and showed a scene without gameplay starring Joel and Ellie.

Then, in 2017 at the Paris Games Week, Sony premiered another trailer (2) depicting the human factions in the game and their conflicts, which hints at the overall darker tone of the second game.

At PSX 2017, we saw the third trailer (3) presented, further revealing Seattle as the city where the game takes place.

For many, the most emotional Last of Us 2 trailer (4) was played during the 2018 E3, which showed an intimate scene starring Ellie, along with a look at the fierce and stealthy in-game combat that’s more complex and a departure from the previous title, but nonetheless very exciting.

The latest Last of Us 2 trailer (5) was shown at the 2019 State of Play stream and offers a brief look at Joel, but shows more action with Ellie.

Last of Us 2: News

TV Adaptation

In an exciting turn of events, HBO has confirmed through Twitter (6) that they have started to develop a TV series based on The Last of Us. Craig Mazin of Chernobyl is leading the way, along with game writer Neil Druckmann. Having in mind how much critical acclaim and success HBO has had with their series such as Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, and Westworld, it’s safe to say that this will be an excellent show.

European Steelbook

In a recent post on Reddit, (7) a photo of the European Steelbook cover has been made available to the public. There are no spoilers in the image about the plot, but they are a sign that the game’s release date is very close.

Expect More Mature Content

With the ESRB rating of M (mature) listed on the official game website, (8) it’s safe to say that Last of Us 2 is likely to contain more violence and sexually explicit content. The same rating was applied to the first game, but the second one carries with it warnings of drug use and sexual content.

Interview With Neil Druckmann

When discussing Last of Us Part 2 on the PlayStation Blog, (9) Neil Druckman noted that they will be aiming for more creative and dynamic gameplay. For example, new enemies that emit burning acid clouds called Shamblers, and more unpredictable or emotional reactions from human enemies that see their friends get killed. This sequel will also take advantage of the PS4 hardware, just like the game before it did with the PS3, and offer much more in terms of visual experience.

Improved AI for In-Game Allies

Having noted criticisms about the first game’s somewhat lacking AI when it comes to in-game allies, Naughty Dog are working hard on improving this aspect of the sequel. In an interview for Game Spot, (10) co-director Anthony Newman promises to make significant changes by enabling friendlies to do as much damage as the player instead of their shots being more theatrical and doing much less damage.

Gameplay Improvements

The 2018 E3 trailer gave us some good insights into the new gameplay. Since Ellie is the main character you will be playing throughout the game, it only makes sense that she would be developed more. Changes to gameplay include Ellie being able to do moves similar to the things Joel had done in the first part of the game. She will also be able to jump, punch, and use a knife, and melee seems to be improved thanks to evasive moves and the fact that the environment can help or hinder you.

More importantly, the AI seems to be greatly improved in your enemies, which can now communicate between themselves to reveal your location — an improvement that promises more complex and suspense-packed fight scenes.