Here’s How to Save Money on Your Internet and Cable Bills

Do you feel like your internet and cable bills are too high? Anyone paying $90 or more dollars each month should know one thing before their next bill is due: you can switch to dozens of new companies that are desperately looking for new customers and offer an excellent deal.

Of course, the big cable companies are fully aware of this and would rather keep you uninformed. If you haven’t checked out what the competition is offering in a long time, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. In all likelihood, you have probably not missed the chance to snag big discounts and net significant savings, even if you never switch providers!

A cable company you’re already subscribed to is not going to call you out of the blue and offer you the latest discount out of the blue. In most cases, they keep quiet and let you pay higher bills, while only contacting you when your contract is about to expire.

The solution to this problem? Start comparing offers now.

Lots of people continue to pay a high cable bill without noticing ever-larger fees and add-ons creeping in that hike up the total price at the end of every month. Consumer Reports investigated and found that these hidden fees can cost you as much as an additional $450 on your annual bill. (1)

At the same time, competition is growing fierce for cable companies, so they’re forced to offer better packages for lower prices, with more channels and better internet speeds just to retain yours as a customer.

Since very few people want to pay hundreds of dollars each month to surf the internet or watch some TV, most of us get the cheapest option we can find. Cable companies counter this trend by luring you in with various deals and discounts to win over your business and get your money.

So even if you’ve been using a particular service for a long while, you still need to check new offers and compare the latest cable and internet prices. Otherwise, you’re almost certain to be paying more than you actually need.

Remember to Check and Compare Prices

You could spend months or even years without noticing the sneaky increases in price from your cable company that’s slowly inflating your bills. These fees supposedly cover things like local networks, equipment, and many channels that actually aren’t free. The most shocking thing is that customers usually end up paying a bill 2.5 times larger than the initial quote, according to USA Today. (2)

However, there’s nothing holding you back from shopping around, finding the right deals, and paying much less than you do now. Of course, no one will bend over backward to give you a deal, you have to do some research, be friendly, ask about hidden fees, and reject the first offer you get, among other things. (3)

Remember that your average cable company has constant deals, cheap plans, and specials. In most cases, they advertise these packages for new or first-time customers. However, with some research and persistence, companies are likely to cave in and offer you some of these options, even if you’ve been with them for a while.

A good example is DISH, which offers a great family plan for $79.99 per month, according to CableTV. Subscribers get more than 240 channels, free installation in six rooms, as well as DISH Anywhere features that let you watch on the go. For a more sports-oriented plan, DirectTV Ultimate runs at just $60 per month, coming with NFL Sunday Ticket and Genie HD DVR that lets you record games when you’re not home. (4)

The key thing here is realizing that you have to put in the work and search for better packages and plans. After all, the top cable deals aren’t served to you in tv commercials or mail ads. Oftentimes, you need to go online, contact multiple companies, and explore less mainstream options. Many of us get bombarded with ads from the biggest cable companies and think that they’re the only game in town, when they’re not.

There are a lot of cable and internet providers out there that will give you better deals because they need to compete with players well-established in the market. But keep in mind that you might only find a few gems out of hundreds of plans and packages offered, and their discounts might be time-restricted.

How to Find Find Cable and Internet Deals

Every state or area has a different set of offers available, so some research is required to know when companies give their best deals. But we’re certain you can find the right package for you and bring your bills down at the same time.