10 Popular Wellness Trends That Will Reinvigorate You in 2020

With the new decade also arrive new experiences in wellness that you can explore. In this article, we’ll look at some of the leading trends that bring you back to nature and focus on parts of your body you might have otherwise overlooked. Here’s what 2020 has in store.

Forest Bathing

When we first heard about forest bathing, we thought that swimwear, bath pillow, and a nice warm climate were required, but all you need is just to slip off your socks and shoes. This latest mindfulness trend comes from Japan and it is referred to as “shinrin-yoky.” (1) This approach is all about taking in the forest atmosphere around you, and it can be as simple as turning off your phone and taking a barefoot walk.

Ear Seeding

With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, (2) and a part of auriculotherapy, ear seeding made its way West thanks to a French neurologist in the mid-20th century. This practice considers the ear a micro system that reflects the entire human body and ear seeds, resembling little studs, are used to stimulate positive reactions in different parts of a person’s body.

Hypnotherapy Massages

The growing popularity of wellness treatments that revitalize your mind and body are reflected in hypnotherapy massages. This is both a physical and mental experience that promises to relax muscles, while inspiring a positive disposition. Deep pressure and flowing techniques are used to the rhythm of a voice recording that induces a meditative state.

Sound Massages

More and more sound massage treatments have been popping up in various wellness centers. During a session, practitioners place vibrating sound bowls on a person’s body that produce different frequencies meant to reduce tension. This new trend clearly signifies an increasing need for people to receive a wellness experience that is much more spiritual.

Infrared Saunas

While traditional saunas are not going anywhere soon and offer many benefits to your health, (3) there is still room for improvement and new technology. Infrared saunas are a very convenient and affordable way for those with a busy life to relax and detox. The only real difference between a classic and infrared sauna is that with the latter you’re being heated from the inside. Benefits include a boost to collagen production and endorphins, in addition to positively influencing sleep patterns.

Wellness With Kegel

Keeping the muscles in your pelvic floor strong is what Kegel wellness is all about. However, up until recently, you had to spend a lot of time to see any of the benefits. Fortunately, you can now find wellness centers and studios that use High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic technology (HIFEM) that in 30 minutes gives you the equivalent of over 10,000 reps of the Kegel exercise.

Manicures That Are Non-Toxic

An overhaul of manicures and nail art is about to happen in 2020, as traditional manicures seem to be on their way out. The new and improved way of doing manicures is non-toxic, which is particularly important for pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions — most of us know all too well the strong smell of chemicals that hits you when you enter a nail salon.

Clean Breathing

Inspired by yoga and meditation, in 2019 we focused on our breath. In 2020, this trend goes a step further with clean breathing that recommends each of us to breathe the best air possible, much like we should eat as clean and health as we can. When you consider that air pollutants in our homes result in 4.3 million deaths annually, (4) clean breathing makes complete sense.

New Skin Technology That Uses AI

While many people are worried about the negative effects of AI, a lot of popular skincare brands are starting to come up with ways of using it to protect your skin. A wearable device such as the My Skin Track UV can measure UV exposure, heat, pollen, humidity, and pollution when you wear it. There are also other options to consider such as Olay’s Skin Advisor or the TroveSkin app that both let you take photos and diagnose issues related to your skin.

Blue Mind Wellness

Wallace J Nichols made a splash recently with his Ted Talk (5) and book called Blue Mind that urges us to embrace our natural surroundings, especially the ocean, in order to live a better and overall healthier life. Whether you surf, swim, or just sit on the beach, you can experience the soothing benefits of connecting with nature.


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